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Opinons? by Etheral-Fox

This is my first time writing a true critique so please excuse my poor explanations. First off i have to say I love the blend of colour...


So I've decided to no longer use Deviantart.

I'll still catch up on a few notes about commissions before I go  but otherwise, you won't really see me here no more

things are just either dead here or far to argumentative and I really just don't enjoy the site here (you've probably noticed I'm very dead on this site and update rarely)

most of the people I grew up with here are gone too so its a sad site for me to be on 

I'm still totally available on tumblr though and active pre much all the time so feel free to follow me and talk to me on their  I upload all my art and gifs there too so youll still see art from me!

well its been fun guys but all good things must come to an end it seems

good bye


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
(wonderful I.D drawn by:iconwolfdrawings1: )

name: Maso(flighty rat)
age: 21
occupation: college and amateur artist

Hi I am Mechanicalmasochist
but you can call me Maso (or flighty!)
I am an animal lover
a furry artist(because I can only draw animals goddamn it!)
a gamer
a fan girl
an amateur animator
and I am an active member in many fandoms.

I am against animal cruelty of all kinds including:
live feeding,animal testing, fur farming,hunting only for sport
and I defend my beliefs avidly.
I can get real rabid and I have the unique ability to argue that black is blue.

I own several pets including:
two bourkes parakeets(milkshake & kes)
two rats(Ben & Loki)
and a snake(wheatley)

I draw only for the fun of it most of the time so my gallery tends to fill with mostly silly doodles but i love to create characters and design them the most.

I am also known on you tube as xXflightfeathersxX (now known as unpleasant pheasant) and previously known as flightfootwarrior
hence my usual nickname of 'flighty'…

if you want to talk to me about something important or something you want to know feel free to drop a note.

I also take paypal/money commissions
starting from 3.00 for a full paint drawing :3

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I have a stupid-ish question.... ^^"
What program would you suggest for animation...? I'd really like to try my hand at it, but I have no idea which program I'd use...

I'm gonna ask a few people that I know animate to get their ideals as well, but yeah... ^^
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here ya your art and videos
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